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Ancient Astrologers assumed Upgrahas of Planets. These Upgrahas are not used normally for predictive purposes however; Mandi or Gulika (Upgrah of Saturn) is used by few Astrologers for predictions. Planets and their Upgrahas and their positions are tabulated below:

S.No.            Planet                  Upgrah

  1.                Sun                      Kal

  2.                Moon                   Dhoom

  3.                Mars                     Parvesh

  4.                Mercury                Aradh Prahar

  5.                Jupiter                  Yamkantak

  6.                Venus                   Vyatipat

  7.                Rahu                    Indrachap & Indra Dhanus

  8.                Ketu                     Upketu

Longitude of Upgrah’s in Zodiac

  1.          Dhoom               =        Sun’s Longitude + 133° 20´

  2.          Vyatipat              =        Dhoom + 53° 20´

  3.          Parvesh              =        Vyatipat + 180°

  4.          Inderchap            =        Parvesh + 53° 20´

  5.          Upketu                =        Inderchap + 16° 40´

Longitude of other Upgrah’s are calculated in a different manner:

Following Upgrah’s  rise  after a different time each day in which the days and nights are equal i.e. 30ghatis. The positions of the Upgrahas are different during the birth in day or the birth during the night and they are tabulated below:

Week         Mandi           Yam               Kal           Ardh Prahar

Day       Day    Night   Day    Night   Day     Night   Day     Night

Sun        26       10      22        6       30          6       14         30

Mon        22        6       18        2        2         14      26         10

Tue         18        7        2        26      22          6        6         22

Wed       14       26      26       10       2         30      18         14

Thus       10       22      22        6        6          2       30         26

Fri           6        18      18        2       14         22      10          6

Sat          2        14      14       26       6          2       22         18

If the days and nights are not equal to 30 ghatis then the rise of the Upgrah is proportionately changed.

Upgrah = Position of Upgrah on the day  x  Dinman/Ratriman /  30 Ghatis


For example if the birth of Native has taken place on Monday in then daytime and duration of day (Dinman) is 25 ghatis then the position of Mandi will be :

Mandi = 25 x 22 ÷ 30 = 18.33 ghati or 18ghati 19pal  48 vipal

Mandi will be in the Sign rising at 18ghati 19 pal 48 vipal on the day.

            Similarly Longitude of other Upgrahas can be calculated..

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